Logo - Schmogo

Have you ever wondered how Twitter would look like in the 80's? or maybe Instagram in the 14th Century?

In this series I take famous Logos and redesign them in different styles or Eras. Hang out here for some fun Designer time travel...

Rat in a Hat

Rat in a Hat is a Design challenge, where I draw a Project, a Medium, and a Style from a hat, and try to create something dope with it.

 it is the best, if you want to have fun, with design and also learn a bit about styles... 

Package mockup.png

My Portfolio

If you are interested take a look at my portfolio, with a lot of cool stuff, I worked on, including: 

Brand identities & Logos

Billboards & Posters

Books, Brochures & Magazines

And a lot of other awesome projects...