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Horsemen II.png

The Horsemen II

A Last Crusade 
A Legacy Continues

Hey you there! Come here mate! Are you a fan of cool war stories with an urban fantasy twist filled with badass 21st century templars and demon soldiers? If your answer is yes then I guarantee that you will love this book.


The Surface is at war with the Netherworld. After the death of the Devil the former Prison Warden and Horsemen Diego Sainz took over Hell as a dictator and declared war on humankind in the hopes of claiming the surface world for him as well. The only ones who can stop this madness and bring balance back to the World are Pope Saint Thomas and his seven Ark Angel Generals who fight with their last breath alongside their troops trying to push the demons back to where they came from. You are one of these brave generals. Your alias Ark (Angel Michael) with your long time friend Ark Angel Gabriel are in this fight for over four years now. You were able to stand your ground quite well and win many battles against the Demon Army but they might have been plotting something all along which could change the outcome of this demonic civil war...


The Horsemen II  is a short urban fantasy illustrated novel, that takes place after the events of The Horsemen. Follow our two new (or maybe not so new *wink wink*) heroes as they try to win a war against the Demons. On the journey you will meet some cool new characters but also keep an eye out of the main cast from The Horsemen and check out what has happened to them in the past 20 years.

Just as the story the illustrations are also a huge part of this book. On each spread you will find a full page comic style artwork of the characters you see and interact with along the way. So what else are you waiting for? Grab your helmet and gun, and enlist in the 3rd Holy army as one of the great Generals to win a war to save human kind...

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