old paper

Character Cards

If you like old-school trading cards just like I do then I really recommend to check out these pics.

Star Wars, Templars, Plague doctors and all kinds of cool urban fantasy and Scifi stuff waits for you, you can even read the small description on the back of the cards and get yourself a cool story at the end.


Neon Comics

Neon comics is my first art-style. I always loved the neon look of the 80's so I created a whole series of artworks with it's dope neon colors

If you want to download some cool Scifi themed designs this is the perfect gallery for you so what are you waiting for my dude?


Comic Strips

Sometimes a picture tells more then a 1000 words. And this is specially true for comic books.

In this gallery you will wind some cool scenes that can tell a whole story in the worlds of Star Wars, Demons, And post apocalyptic templars, and many many more. 


Paper Dudez

If you are a real nerd you like collecting stuff. It's in the Bibel. If that is the case you should check out Paper Dudez series my very own collectable Star Wars minifigures.

You can find here all of the templates, so you can print them out, glue them together and put them on your wall. It's just that easy. 

Comming soon!