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The Horsemen

A unique urban fantasy illustrated novel

Hey you there! Come here mate! Do you like stories filled with explosions, badass demons and hot chicks? If your answer is yes then I guarantee that you will love this book.


Your are a fresh collage graduate, with a perfect score and a bunch of potential. It is time to leave the books and dive into the real life of a contractor. Join the world famous Shark firm and work alongside your new colleagues on different cases involving organized crime, and fanatic cults. Make deals with the president himself and earn a lot of cash so you can spend it on hookers and coke.

As you are working your way up the top you will accidentally tap into something that is far beyond your paycheck. Two Succubus girls are being kidnapped by a radical cult who just might have enough fire and magical power to invade the netherworld and destroy all the demons. Join your Boss Shark and a bunch of other kickass characters on an old school investigation as you are trying to find out who might be behind all the f*cked up sh*t that has been happening lately...


The Horsemen is a short urban fantasy illustrated novel, which is narrated in a way that you, the reader are part of the whole story. Your alias (Matt Spellman) is the main character of the novel and you will experience everything first hand. You will meet many interesting friends and enemies in a form of demons, nuns, cult members, succubi, monster-hunters, sirens, and many-many more.

Just as the story the illustrations are also a huge part of this book. On each spread you will find a full page comic style artwork of the characters you see and interact with along the way. So what else are you waiting for? Forget everything you knew about hell and religion and dive into your own little journey in the world of demons...

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